Dion Kaszas, welcomes you to Indigenoustattooing.com a virtual database containing  historic and contemporary visual references documenting the practice of tattooing across the Indigenous world. These references are intended for educational purposes to assist in the development, revival and strengthening of tattooing among Indigenous peoples. Please respect the intellectual property of the respective cultures represented. 

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The Goal of indigenoustattooing.com

To contribute to the reclaiming of my peoples cultural heritage


Provide resources for Indigenous peoples across the globe who are looking for resources to assist them in the reclamation of their tattooing practices.


Support, highlight, and document Indigenous artists and their efforts into the revitalization of their cultural tattooing practices


Make connections with others involved in the revitalization of their Indigenous Tattooing

Highlight friends, colleagues and Indigenous tattoo artists who are not involved in the revival of ancestral tattooing practices but still laying down ink, marking the present as medicine for the future

This project has taken a lot of time to edit, revamp and maintain. I would like to spend more time on it, by adding open source and public domain reference documents which highlight and mention many nations practices. However I find it difficult to juggle this and the reality of paying the bills, so if you have found value from this site and its contents and would like to support the continued building of the site, head on over to my Patreon page and become part of my support community. 



Please pass on any information you might think relevant to dionkaszas@gmail.com