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Indigenous Tattoo Reference Library

 The archival sections of this website are provided as a resource for Indigenous peoples working on the revival of their ancestral tattooing traditions. If you are an Indigenous person and you find references to your nation, family or cultures tattooing tradition, please feel free to use the images for your tattoo revival and other projects. 


If you are a non-Indigenous person please respect these images and do not use them for reference material for your tattoos and or artwork. 


If there is any mis-categorization of these materials, please let me know, and I will promptly fix it.


If you are using these images as references for tattoos please respect yourself and your family enough to get someone trained professionally to apply your tattoo, you can contract hepatitis or HIV from improper tattooing practices. Also please research your tattooing tradition so as to make the right choice when getting your tattoo, know why you are getting what you are getting and possibly even the ceremonies that might go along with it.


All of the photos on this site are for educational purposes


Click on the appropriate box of the archive you would like to see and it will take you to the reference library for that nation.

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