Hunting for Primary Source Documents of Thompson Tattoos

I have spent the past month looking for pictures on online archives that show my ancestors tattooing practices, I have come up with many examples of other nations tattoos but none from my own nation. At times I feel defeated but then realize that I have just figured out where not to look.

I did have an amazing adventure when I went to the Nlaka’pamux Nation potluck this past weekend, I meet with many new people, and began the process of reconnection with my nation and my territory. We took a short hike up the Stein Valley which travels along the Stein River, it was amazing. As I walked through this amazing place, my heart began to ache to discovery more of my territory.

My travel to the Museum and Archives in Merritt has been postponed, but next week for sure will be the week. Once I go there I will make arrangements to visit the Lytton Archive.

I am still excited to be on this journey as I have had requests from Nlaka’pamux people to get some traditional tattoos!

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